Watch Indianapolis Colts vs Seattle Seahawks Live Stream

Watch Indianapolis Colts vs Seattle Seahawks Live Stream

Teams: Colts vs Seahawks

Time: 10:00 PM ET

Date: Thursday on 9 August 2018

Location: Century Link field, Seattle.

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Indianapolis Colts


Seattle Seahawks

The other team Indianapolis Colts is also a professional football team in the United States. At the very beginning, the Indianapolis Colts has played their games at the RCA Dome from 1984-2007 seasons.

But now they play at the professional football games at the Lucas Oil Stadium since 2008 as a member of AFC.

According to the previous statistics, we can evaluate the qualities of both teams.In this case, it can be noted that the overall statistics of the Indianapolis Colts in regular seasons are 506-453.

Watch- Indianapolis -Colts -vs- Seattle -Seahawks- Live -Stream

Indianapolis Colts has captured 22 Playoff trophy and 2 Super Bowl trophy in the NFL history. The Indianapolis Colts has also won 4 times Championship trophy over all the NFL career.

The Indianapolis Colts has also achieved 7 times Conference Championship trophy and 16 Divisional Championship trophy overall NFL seasons. In this team, the best player is Peyton Manning.

The Seattle Seahawks is a popular professional football team in the United States. Seattle Seahawks is the current member of the National Football Conference at West Division.

The Seattle has commenced their career as a professional football team in 1976 season in the NFL games.

In the NFL history, the all-time records of the Seattle Seahawks team are 334-325 at all. By this time, the playoff records of the team in the regular seasons of the NFL games are 16-15.

The Seattle Seahawks has earned 1 time League Championship trophy over the NFL career. At the same time, the team has gained 1 time Super Bowl trophy in the professional football career.

On the other hand, the Seattle has also earned 10 times Divisional Championship trophy and 3 times Conference Championship trophy in their NFL career. The remarkable player of the team is Steve Largent.

The games of the preseason and regular season games have been played between Indianapolis Colts vs Seattle Seahawks. These mention-able teams have to fight each other more than 12 times till the last season. The Seattle Seahawks have won 5 games against Colts but the Colts have won 7 games against Seahawks in the same season.

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