The remarkable records in NFL 2017 season

The remarkable records in NFL 2017 season

As we know, the NFL 2017 season was started on March 07, 2017. Basically, the regular season was started on September 07, 2017. It was the 98th season of the National Football League history. The season was finished on February 04, 2018. According to the tied schedule, there are 32 teams participated in 17 weeks. All the teams were fighting against each other into eight divisions. That was the crucial competition among all NFL teams in 2017 season.

According to the past experience, it is clear the New England Patriots is the best team over the NFL 2017 season. The team has played 8 games as on 8 weeks. The Patriots have won maximum 6 times and lost 2 times only. The winning percentage of the team was 81 over the NFL 2017 season. The performance of the team in NFL 2017 is very fantastic. There was playing exciting games among Bills, Jets, and Patriots and so on. At the last moment of the season, the Patriots have won 4 games continuously. The team scored only 21.8 points per fight and turned more than 50% points from the red zones. The NFL 2017 was a good day for the New England Patriots.

We know every coin has opposite site. Like that the New York Jets was the worst team in NFL 2017 season. Though some guys estimate the Miami Dolphins is the worst team in the NFL 2017 season. The Phinsider express the Dolphins are comparatively well to Jets. But the Gang Green Nation predict the Dolphins are the worst team in NFL 2017 at all. In my opinion, the Cleveland Browns and San Francisco 49ers are the very worst team in 2017 season. This is very bitter experience in the NFL 2017 season. Because there are some valuable persons have died in 2017. They are as Jim Garret, Edwin Jackson, Jeremy Nunley, Clyde Scott and Frank Varrichione.

Over the NFL 2017 season, you find out 100 players who are the best and honored. But if you want list very close count it into 10 members at all. Then you will get the special player to evaluate his performance. Now, the main issue is that the Tom Brady is the best player in the NFL 2017 season. He played as a QB at the New England Patriots. Can you imagine why he is the best? Yes, he is. Because he has achieved average 67.4% points through passing downs. He has played a great comeback in the Super Bowl.

The best-earning player in the NFL 2017 season is as Peyton Manning. His annual income is about to US 248.7 Dollars basically in 2017. He would champion 2 times and won 14 times Pro Bowl. There are some outstanding coaches in the NFL 2017 season. Here the Bill Belichick has selected as the best coach among all. He stood top on at the rank by winning 5 Super Bowl championship and tremendous leadership. Besides this, the Pete Carroll has also considered the second best among all the coaches. But sorry to say, someone has decided Anthony Lynn is the worst coach in the NFL 2017 season. Because he has little experience as a coach and leader.

We can find out the best and the worst team in NFL 2017 season. All the teams have participated in the various division. In the NFL 2017 season, the best team is as Kansas City Chiefs in AFC West division. On the other hands, the worst team is as Los Angeles Chargers at all. Because of poor performance over the year, the Chargers have already out of the competition.

In the same way, the Pittsburgh Steelers have stood top one in the AFC North division. Whereas the Cleveland Browns become a very worst team in the same division. In the NFL 2017 season, the Pittsburgh Steelers were very potential team among all teams. On the other hand, they have to shuffle the strategy of the quarterback conditions.

In the AFC South division, the Jacksonville Jaguars were the best team in the NFL 2017 season overall. They played very defensively over the year. The coaching system was very glory through all the year in NFL 2017 season. At the same time, it is considered that the Indianapolis Colts is the worst team at all. Because they have lost all the NFL games against each other.

Here, the Philadelphia Eagles have stood the first position in the NFC East division. But the New York Giants become the worst team in NFL 2107 season at the same division. Over the season, the Philadelphia Eagles have won 66.9% games. In the same way, the New York Giants have won only 9.3% games in the AFC East division. In this season, the Philadelphia Eagles were very confidential team among all.

As the same thing, the Seattle Seahawks and Los Angeles Rams are the best team in the NFC West division. But the San Francisco 49ers have counted as the worst team at the same division regarding the NFL 2017 season. In the NFC North division, the Green Bay Packers becomes the best team. They perform very well but the Chicago Bears did not the same thing. By this time, the Atlanta Falcons and Carolina Panthers have stood the best teams in the NFC South division.

The NFL 2018 league will be launched on March 09, 2018. It will be considered as 99th season over the National Football League history. On the other hand, the NFL regular season 2018 will run for the duration of September 06, 2018 to December 30, 2018.

In the regular season NFL 2018, there are 256 games will be run through 17 weeks. Here 32 teams will participate against each other. All the schedule will be flash out very first April 2018. At the very beginning, every game will broadcast the ESPN channel beside others. So, all the football dearer and viewers are welcome to watch the NFL 2018 season live on online.

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